Songs of Evilution

Sam Harris – one of the foremost atheists in the world – has had an epiphany – an unbeliever’s epiphany that he understood as being profound. He is writing an entire book on it.


Seems just the kind of thing to write a song about – doesn’t it?  Too bad unbeliever and evolution songs are in short supply – in fact, if you want a really good song you have to go to the folks that do believe – and believers in Jesus Christ seem to have a corner on the market – unless, of course – you want to sing songs to Satan – some of them really rock.


In fact – the inspiration that stems from faith in Jesus of Nazareth has fueled not only musical masterpieces – but has influenced many a great artist, poet, painter, sculpture, actor, dancer, photographer, filmmaker – you name it – artists down through the ages have produced magnificent works, influential works, profound works, enduring works, spiritual works, mystical works all based on the story in the Gospels.


So where are all the evolution songs?  If they do exist – they are categorically obscure – Even atheists acknowledge this discrepancy – and in their penury they are reaching out in an attempt to claim the roots of inspiration for themselves.


You could say that they have become enthusiastic in their pursuit of wonder, joy, gratitude, brotherhood,


except for the fact that the word enthusiasm means “filled with God.”


Take gratitude for an example – a state of being that both Richard Dawkins and his friend Lawrence are trying to promote – but seriously


who or what are they thankful to




That is ridiculous – worthy only of ridicule.


It reminds me of King David ridiculing the unbeliever of his day,


“the fool hath said in his heart – there is no god.”


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