Terrestrial Terms

(Give me Evolution – give me death?)


Is the world we see

All there is?

No 5th dimension

Angel’s sighs

Or priests and priestesses on high

No principalities or powers

Beyond the normal, natural ken

No haunting spirits

No disguise of spectrum,

Frequency or modulation

No demise of soul and spirit

Only appetite and greed?

To eat and drink –

Take all we want or need

And die?

No everlasting tenure

‘Cept the manufactured kind

No remembrance

No recourse and no respite

From dust to dust

The light of consciousness

Goes out for all eternity,

Is lost?

And our only expectation

Gone to worms

And senseless rot

Our only hope

Annihilation ?

Evolution’s promise that

Is void of promise

Or decree of life

Then give me liberty to dream

Of peace, and love and transformation

Yes give me

Heaven’s fantasy

If only for a time


-          The Fool




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