International Wire Services – November 26, 2016 – by Z

Holi, Mardi Gras, and A Scarlet Wrapped Candy

“Slumber Party is kind of ‘a fun, younger, Eyes Wide Shut’.” – Brittney Spears

For the average consumer so much of their day to day affairs consists of one simple task – consuming.

Many begin and end their day posting on their favorite social media site – or playing an online video game, checking the markets or the news, watching the latest conspiracy on YouTube, or a sports event – or porn. You name it – it’s all at their fingertips and delivered in stunning color and sound via the ever more ubiquitous “screens,” global communication in real time – with Virtual Reality ready to deliver the “feelies” of a Brave New World.

Not only is the consumer inundated with entertainment, through the internet the archives of antiquity have been opened to the scholarly and the curious. Add to this a multi-billion dollar Sci-Fi industry delivering everything from ancient witchcraft spells to the marvels of modern technology and there is literally a never ending stream of orgiastic pleasure to immerse one’s self in, that is, unless you prefer the sadistic – which is also available at the touch of a screen – unquenchable thirst, and everlasting pain.

Meanwhile, the advertising and marketing industries have matured beyond the imagination, well beyond the average consumer’s ability to grasp or understand the compelling influences of this media driven consumer based reality. In fact, Reality itself for many has become subjective – or even more alarming to thinking individuals – simply a matter of each individual’s personal choice.

For the observant the question arises as to whether or not there are any real choices remaining except on the most trivial of issues or circumstances. While most consumers dive headlong into what Ray Kroc, the founder of the McDonald’s empire called “the dog eat dog, rat eat rat” reality of the current social economic paradigm, the few that do pause long enough to question the herd mentality (now lauded as a protective evolutionary adaptation serving humanity’s best interests for survival) find themselves swept along in a river of indentured servitude by virtue of the necessities of life itself.

It matters very little where you go in the “developed” world today, you will find multitudes scurrying for the resources of survival – for their next meal, for sufficient clothing, for gas in their cars, and just “to pay the bills.”

When the Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917 the actual members of the Communist Party numbered an almost miniscule 3% of the population. With the political slogan “peace, land, and bread” they appealed to the masses and accomplished an almost bloodless coup in November of that year. After a fairly peaceful start the new government under Vladimir Lenin fought a civil war against the White Army. Their ultimate victory led to the establishing of the USSR in 1922 and the enforcing the world’s first communist state at the point of a gun. The Party exercised the most brutal repression of anyone who resisted. The communists immediately put into operation a social order that required all adults to report for work at 8 am each morning, often returning home past their children’s bedtimes. This left their children in the care and tutelage of the State – and under these circumstances the communists were able to obliterate the entire existing culture of Czarist Russia in a single generation.

Today around the world the same thing is being done through the centralization of financial, military, educational, and technological power in the hands of an even smaller percentage of the population who through the media are extending their empire into the very minds, hearts and souls of an unsuspecting and gullible generation. It is a generation that we call the “millennials” and like the peasants of Russia they are so caught up in their own existence that they seldom if ever see the consequences of what has become their day to day indoctrination.

It all started before the Second World War with the Humanist Manifesto and the persuasive idea that man was, as Richard Dawkins recently affirmed, “a happy accident” – evolving and coming into his own. From Darwin to Freud and with the validation of “scientific discovery” to bolster their claims, mankind stepped forward to chart his own destiny.

One prominent player on the international stage was Edward Bernays – the father of “public relations.” Starting with Bernays’ “engineering of consent” in the 1920’s, the real shocks to the human psyche came in machine gun like bursts. Stalin’s Russia, Margaret Sanger and Eugenics, Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, Pearl Harbor and WWII, the development and deployment of the atom bomb, Mao Tse Dong and the rise of Communism in China, the Korean war, MK Ultra mind control and the Manchurian candidate, the nuclear arms race and The Cold War, the assignation of JFK, the Vietnam War, the British invasion of The Beatles, Monarch programming, subliminal content in music, television and music, Alfred Kinsey, The Pill and the sexual revolution, Timothy Leary and LSD, geoengineering, nano technology, genetic engineering – and all of this propagated via an ever more powerful media, digested, assimilated, and spun to an ever increasingly passive audience.

You can follow this progression through the works of a single individual. Heralded as “the greatest film director that ever lived,” Stanley Kubrick’s list of films is quite revealing. After directing films like “Spartacus” and “One Eyed Jacks,” Kubrick moved on into more controversial territory with “Lolita” in 1962, a film about a societal taboo – IE: a man marries an elderly woman who is starving for sex for the purpose of seducing her 14 year old daughter. After two other films, Kubrick once again headed into forbidden waters, and this time with a vengeance. Kubrick’s critically acclaimed film “A Clockwork Orange,” released to an American audience in 1971, broke all existing barriers in its explicit depictions of sex and violence, psychological programming, and the far reaches of a totalitarian government. By this time the media indoctrination was in full swing.

After the “The Shining,” Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, another venture into psychological horror, and “Full Metal Jacket,” a commentary on the Vietnam War at the time of the Tet Offensive, Kubrick embarked on his last offering, “Eyes Wide Shut.”

The film which stars Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman follows the sexual affairs and fantasies of Cruise and Kidman, and dives into a secret ritualistic sexual orgy in a mansion where the guests are dressed for Mardi Gras. It explores ritualistic open sex, secret passwords, human sacrifice, the revelry amongst the masked patrons, the Lords and Ladies that are the masters of the festivities, and a figure dressed all in red presiding over a ceremony that requires a “second password,” sort of an archbishop of lust or for some, the Devil himself.

The filming took 400 days of continuous shooting with what Todd Field, who starred as piano player Nick Nightingale, observed, “You’ve never seen two actors more completely subservient and prostrate themselves at the feet of a director.” To add to the intrigue, Stanley Kubrick, like so many of the characters involved in these arcane, occult themes – died of a heart attack in his sleep just days after delivering his final cut of “Eyes Wide Shut.’

The films theme of ritual sex and Mardi Gras – (literally “fat Tuesday” – the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Catholic Holiday Lent during which the adherents fast from meat, ending on Easter Sunday) is one of revelry, and lust, and the erasing of class distinction. The masks of Mardi Gras not only reflect the status of the lords to the initiates – but they allow sexual escapades with the commoners without revealing the identity of those same lords to the revelers.

These themes are borne out so well in Brittney Spears song “Slumber Party.”

“Like a slumber party

We got those candles hanging

Hanging from the ceiling low

We use our bodies to make our own videos

Put on our music that makes us go fuckin’ crazy, go

Go crazy go, at a slumber party.”

In some of the final scenes of the music video we see the revelers throwing colored powder on one another, a depiction of the Hindu festival called “Holi.” Holi is described as “a holiday associated with a loosening of social restrictions normally associated with caste, sex, status and age (Lolita anyone?). Holi is also characterized by the loosening of social norms governing polite behavior and the resulting general atmosphere of licentious, shameless, immodest, immoral merrymaking and vulgar language and behavior.” It makes us, “go fuckin’ crazy, go.” It is a slumber party that I do not wish for my daughters or their daughters to attend.

Interestingly both Holi and Mardi Gras take place about the same time of year and are governed by the moon.

And the Scarlet Wrapped Candy? You can see it in The Slumber Party video as Brittney enters the mansion – it is sitting on a pedestal at the bottom of the stairs as she enters. “And who or what would that be?” you might ask.

Well, that would be Brittney Spears herself now, wouldn’t it?