The Age of Great Dreams – Trump is Spades

international wire services – by Z     March 14, 2016

In his excellent book “the age of great dreams – AMERICA IN THE 1960s,” David Farber connects the dots of a generation of change that was unparalleled and unprecedented in all of modern history – a period of time where technology gave you a handheld radio and where the television, film, and magazine corporations, brought the brutality of war directly into the modern living room.  It was Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society – a time when the “pandora’s box” of civil liberty and racial equality was opened.

It was war on the streets of America.

The names of the combatants are too numerous to recount – but the catalyst that whipped the winds of change can be summed up in a single idea,

“I have a dream.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

We have once again come upon such a time of change – dramatic change, unprecedented change – even considering the monumental changes of the 1960s and the dynamic increase in knowledge in the last 50 years.  This time the change is going to come with – what all political change does, and what more and more religious dedication requires – the sacrifice of lives.

Interestingly enough, this time that required sacrifice may have a guarantee of some immortality attached – as in the robotic and genetically engineered soldier – or the encoded lab rats in the temples of learning, and the genetically modified great men in the great buildings of the planet.  A guarantee of a physical immortality that, I presume, will not be awarded promiscuously – but only to those initiated few.

In the case of the religious zealot – being required to carry out the laws of cleansing and righteousness to attain immortality will be the guiding force.

The rest of humanity will be driven to find their immortality elsewhere – or embrace and accept their own mortality believing that they are some yet unexplained “energy” – now in a mortal setting but soon to be “recycled” according to the laws of payment – better known as karma.

It doesn’t matter.  It is irrelevant to the current circumstances.

The coming changes are so dramatic, in fact – that “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” & “how?”  are inconsequential – this change will be Universal in its scope.  And according to the ancient texts – “no flesh shall escape.”

Everything will be up for grabs, and that’s one very interesting parallel, how closely the present world situation reflects the world of the 1960s.

The extremely polarized political campaign, police brutality, the increase of government control with the idea that more legislation will result in a more just society, the Cold War and the risk of what in the 1960s was known as MAD – mutual atomic destruction!, war and insurgency across the globe, record setting weather events, a pandemic of refugees numbering 60 million worldwide, and leaders who, for the most part, when given even the slightest authority over any domain, use their position for personal gain.

One huge difference is that in the 1960s much of the revolutionary thinking was in the direction of tearing the existing unjust System down, period.  There were many who, similar to present emotion,had the belief that if a critical mass of right minded people could be assembled they could bring about a more positive paradigm of life on the planet, beginning with America, The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Presently there are more and more cries for the further establishment of an even more imposing system than existed in the 1960s – and for the punishment of those who refuse to conform or accept what are considered national mandates, issues such as gay rights and abortion dominate social media.

The general public, dumbed down and isolated, misinformed or uniformed, whose lives are centered on trivial pursuits, self-centered and satisfied with bread and circuses – are ready to embrace whatever solutions are offered by the ubiquitous screens – those wonders of science and technology that they hold in their hands and carry in their pockets, cell phones with the computing power of a television broadcast studio – capable of multiple functions and connected to an international audience – immediately.

David Farber says it in an illuminating way, considering the present “BLM” – movement for social justice – and the promotion of The Black Panthers by Beyoncé.

“you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

– Bob Dylan

“In their (The Weathermen) horror over the war in Vietnam, in their often ignorant and misplaced enthusiasm for revolutionary struggles abroad, and in their zealous attempt to repudiate their own “white skin privilege” in a society that had been built on racism, a tiny group of extremists lost their grip on political, social, and global realities.  They and their black revolutionary allies (The Black Panthers) managed to inject a poison into American political life which only served to weaken the antiwar movement and all other progressive forces struggling for social justice.  Their fanaticism gave credibility to the hard-line forces that wanted to put a stop to all forms of dissent in America.”  Stormy Weather – David Farber

And then there are the Pentagon Papers – and Benghazi.

This is Z signing off,

From ;I Book 4 – Veritas by BB Moon arr.