Where is Charles Darwin when we really need him? 

I was just reading about the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Africa – another one of those “never before this bad” crisis that seem to be more the norm than the exception these days – especially since the advent of the Blood Moons – but of course, that is all conjecture.

What isn’t conjecture is that West Africa is in the middle of a crisis that threatens to deteriorate further – and the cry is made,

“The challenge today in these barely functioning states is to find ways to lower the overall noise, focus on stopping the Ebola virus, and bring governance and peace to three countries that have rarely experienced either.”  – Laurie Garrett on CNN

- a cry that no doubt resonates across borders in lieu of the impending pandemic that these “barely functioning states” can unleash upon us all.

Surely the cry must go up for the leaders of the scientific community to step in and begin to officiate and direct this needed social engineering, especially those leaders best schooled concerning the evolution of life; for certainly that is what we are dealing with – a lapse in the ever improving “selection of the fittest” resulting in such “barely functioning states” as those at the core of the Ebola crisis.

O’ where? O’ where is Charles Darwin when the species really needs him?

One begins to wonder what the “final solution” would be if such a pandemic really did get out of hand – and from all present appearances without the intervention of some “higher power” we very well may get to find out.

 Just who and or what that “higher power” is is usually not the question, believe it or not – but rather the ultimate need for the oversight and benevolence of such a power – an accumulated and focused concentration of power sufficient to repair the “barely functioning states” – whichever and wherever those “barely functioning states” exist and pose a serious enough threat.

Starting to sound nasty?  I think it certainly can be – and believe it or not I am not a pessimist by trade or persuasion.

But here is where pessimism can step in in a very nasty way, indeed – and that is to find out that in fact, natural selection as described by Charles Darwin is no more interested in the human species reaching some heights of the glory of consciousness any more than it is interested in promoting a virus as describe in popular media like The Matrix.

 – “you can’t be serious, no favoritism?  Whose idea was that?!” – The Fool

Evolution and how to handle it wisely suddenly becomes a very sketchy proposal for the lords of the planet, indeed the situation is volatile

. . . , a condition that is especially highlighted by the apparent slide into chaos that is presently taking place for the species in general – with cries of the Apocalypse on their lips as they perish.

Let’s get serious here.  Everyone on the planet is reaching out for a higher power in one form or another, especially those who have the resources and the position to do so – and God only knows what “higher powers” they have found or gotten  in connection with – or what promises have been made.

During the rise of the Third Reich the Schutzstaffel were made the priests and commanders of a thousand year priesthood – they conducted weddings, funerals, anointings, and of course, they were in charge of the cleansing.

After all, that is what we are talking about here, isn’t it?  Is that the kind of “higher power” we are willing to reach for if it means our own prosperity?

Will we all acquiesce to the Custom of the Sea?

Or will we reach so far beyond ourselves as to no longer know ourselves at all – forgetting who we are and from whence we have come, and thus submit ourselves to the coming survival of the fittest from which, save for the intervention of a “higher power,” none can escape.



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