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“Scientists in China have just announced . . .  computing power that has never existed.”

Z was a little taken aback –


the sign blared out the message in scarlet letters on a black and white field –

and bannered across the bottom edge of the standard –

embroidered in Gold –

it said,

“All Hate Speech will be silenced in accord with the absolute freedom of speech.”

Z looked around – the streets were dark and gritty – tires burning in the backstreets and apparitions around the flames chanting,

“We don’t need no transgenerational!”

“free from bondage, free from fear!”

“We will bury your fine statues

We will reign supreme from here!!! – “

Z pulled his baseball cap low over his eyes, and headed for the brightest light and nearest crowded street –

the highrise canyons behind him echoing what was a chant but was now elevating to a shout – and a scream

“no transgenerational

no more bondage, no more fear

marching to that silver bell

we are headed straight to Hell!”

Things in Central Park seemed to be spiraling out of control –

as Z emerged from the shadows he saw that several bonfires had been lit in the Park – he turned South to the Rock.

when he came to just under Atlas Shruggs a group of hooded figures emerged from behind St. Patricks.

they looked belligerent – armed with the common tools of violence on the street – and they too were chanting,

“walk the Earth without fear

march to step with

the silver bell

we are headed straight to Hell!”

From ;I Book 4 – Veritas – BB Moon  arr.