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So often these days the action that we must take is to use our power of love to intervene.

Defined as:”come between so as to prevent or alter the result or course of events.”

Circumstances and conditions are – for most of us – challenging to say the least.

In some ways the nature of your difficulties are insignificant when seen in the light of the consequences that many of us face when we fail to overcome the present day to day challenges and to establish a foundation in our lives that endures the storm and holds fast during the turmoil we experience facing the often daunting obstacles in our path.

The good thing is that there are established principles – that if adhered to or employed will result in a more favorable outcome.

In fact – the principles themselves will, in a sense, “intervene” – and it doesn’t matter if we choose to align ourselves with these principles or if someone else employs them to our benefit.

They work!

In his closing statements in his famous “Sermon on the Mount” Jesus of Nazareth admonished us to “build your house on a rock – and not on sifting sand.”

So what is the rock? During difficult times it might be nearly impossible to tell – and so we go by dead reckoning and we revert to the principles.

One thing is sure -
kindness begets kindness
tolerance builds temper
patience is good in almost any endeavor
two are better than one
when you cry with your inner heart of hearts you will be heard

And so, let us cry out for the power and strength that comes – not from within ourselves but from that reservoir that is fed with the clear waters of those powers of love that we employ when we intervene.

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