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Many of you might think we are pretty crazy to spend too much time over a “dog” – and perhaps you would be right under some circumstances. With Viola we have the little problem that we have not told her that she is a dog, yet – so when she was lost in the woods we knew she was unprepared to survive for very long.

The area that we searched for her Рaccording to Google Maps Рwas around 500 acres Рalmost a square mile of trails Рcampgrounds Рhouses Рfarms Рatv trails Рa railroad and trestle Рdense underbrush Рa river and several lakes Рand probably over 200 mobile homes and campers Рmost of which were unoccupied.

She ran away from fireworks that exploded directly over us. Once down the road and lost – she ran from everything for the next 21 hours – and when we did find her she was covered with burrs and stickers. I started searching as soon as she ran down the road – searched until past midnight – and then arose around 4:30 am and searched until I found her at around 4 pm. (17 hours of walking and looking and following leads).

She was over 3/4 mile from our little Casita where we have lived together for the past couple of years. She was so beat up from running that she could hardly walk – and it is only now a day and a half later that she is beginning to walk normally.

We lost our Jeremy last November – and Saturday was his first birthday that we do not have him with us – then Sunday was Father’s Day – Viola was lost on Sunday night.

I think if this small creature that has such a big heart had not been given back to us – and believe me, it was a miracle – that I would have carried a kind of sadness that would have taken me a long time to get over.

So – we thank the Lord for our little Viola. We only have one Viola.

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